Paolo Di Cano sets up PR firm

Disgrace former Sunderland AFC manager has set up his own Public Relations firm. ‘I will take on clients who want to mend their image, who want to tweak it slightly, who want to project themselves in a new light.’ The hot-headed Italian said ‘And my advice to them – carry on doing what you’ve always done. Say a football coach comes to me and says ‘Hey Paolo, these idiots at my last club, they know nothing about football, they sack me and say it’s due to my man management, that I can’t look after the players, that my temperament is all wrong. What do I do if I want another top-flight job?’ My advice is – say as many disparaging things about your old players and club as possible. Nothing subtly suggests ‘I have learnt from my mistakes, please West Ham get rid of that idiot Allardyce and help me save you from relegation’ as calling your old players cowards for no reason.

His new company has just taken on Justin Bieber.


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