Inventor of internet big fan of positive affirmations

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, widely regarded as the inventor of the World Wide Web, has been sharing some tips on how to get through the day with Psychologies magazine. ‘I often recite to myself 1,000 times before going to bed ‘The internet is a force for good. The internet is a force for good.’ I also attend a hypnotist several times a month. One of my favourite routines is where I imagine I am in a town with people browsing independent book shops whilst the sound of children playing in wooded streams drifts gently by, and where you can walk down the street without bumping into someone re-tweeting a Frankie Boyle joke on their mobile.  I have also recently started a course of neural re-programming. If for instance I hear or read the words, I don’t know, lets just say for the sake of argument online-bullying, misogynistic trolling or NSA, I put my hand in a glass of freezing cold water. This helps to stop any unwanted unpleasant thoughts arising through the realignment of my sensory perceptors.  Now I can get a few hours of fitful sleep a night and it’s usually only once a week that I wakeup shouting ‘Oh my god, what have I done?’


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