Emily Bronte ‘disappointed had to pose in underwear to promote sister’s new book’

Excited researchers from Bradford University have been digesting newly-found diaries by Emily Bronte. According to one academic ‘She was very happy to feature in GQ magazine along with Anne and Charlotte to help promote The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. However, she had mixed feelings about the front cover, which featured the 3 of them tending a roaring fire at the Parsonage wearing only high heels and a corset from Queen Victoria’s Secrets. ‘It pains me greatly that rather than baring my soul with the written word I have to bare my flesh for the wandering eyes.’ she wrote, but she also understood the context, and expressed a wish that future generations of female artists would not have to do something similar, being judged only on their abilities. ‘But I do love my sisters and nothing would please me more than for Anne to feel the uplifting power and grace that comes from feeling ones being has been truly expressed and respected. However I pray that all my sisters in the future, my sisters yet to come, will not have to suffer the same indignation and will be seen and viewed as equal to and by their male brethren.’. Although later on she did write that she hoped John Ruskin had seen the pictures and would look at her in a new light.


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