Federal report – ‘Dangerous levels of twerking at Jean Michel Jarre’s Concert in Houston’

A recently declassified Federal document from 1986 has given new insights into the Regan Administration’s concern about corruption of the nation’s youth by French avant-garde musical pioneer Jean Michel Jarre. It says ‘Anecdotal evidence and eye-witness reports suggest that there were severe breakdowns of morality at the recent ‘Rendez-vous Houston: A City in Concert’. The attending crowd, many of whom were under the age of 21, had already expressed delight in a number of disturbing physical ways during Oxygene Part 1 and Equinoxe Part 5 . However, it was upon hearing the opening bars of Rendez-Vous 3 that field agents reported seeing a type of dancing involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance, commonly referred to as ‘twerking’. (N.B Recent ethnographic interviews in New Orleans suggest the term began as street language with the rise of local hip-hop music know as ‘Bounce’.) Encouraged by their peers, and driven on by the French musician’s used of the Laser Harp,  a number of on-lookers then performed a variety of dance acts which have subsequently been classified as ‘daggering’, ‘boosie bounce’, ‘wacky dip’, and ‘screetchie’. As a result, and in order to preserve the equilibrium of the Greater Houston area, we suggest a review of performance licenses which have recently been granted to Journey, Peter Frampton, and Kenny G. ‘


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