Community under threat as Starbucks, Frankie & Benny’s risk being turned into e-cigarette shops

Local representatives have warned about the threat to services and community cohesion as many of the shops and facilities in the area risk being turned into e-cigarette vendors. A local man, who was collecting money on the high street to support his local Tesco’s, said ‘We’ve got a great little community here, some great shops, over there we’ve got a Bella Italia, Yates’s and TK Maxx, next to that a Ladbrokes. But we’re coming under threat from these e-cigarette shops. Yeh dig deep love, it’s for a good cause. Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, they just come in and take over without thinking about the effect on us local people. What would we do on a Bank Holiday if there’s not a DFS Sofas round here? And if they dare to threaten our local Cash Converters, well that’s a red line as far as I’m concerned.’


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