Syrian rebels jealous that Russia threatened with expulsion from G8 for invading Ukraine; ‘If only they had done the same with Assad we would have had peace years ago’

People in war-torn Syria have expressed surprise that so much is now being done by Western powers to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  A rebel fighter in Homs said ‘I’ve just read a tweet from William Hague that said he was having talks in Kyiv, have heard that the European Council has called on all parties to behave with self-restraint, and that Germany has suggested creating a contact group to open channels of communication. I can’t believe that these countries are making such difficult decisions and are putting so much on the line in order to make peace happen when they have done so little for us. Ah, what I would give now for the president of the European Commission to call on Assad to behave responsibly in order to reduce tension in the region. We can all dream.’


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