Street magician Fabio able to walk down the High Street without being hassled

The American street magician, card shark and endurance artist Diego Fabio shocked local audiences today with a breath-taking display of mind control. A pass-by said ‘He started here, where Primark is, and he walked to Boots over there, and not once did he loose his cool, throttle someone, or question long-held assumptions about the origins of life. First of all someone from ‘Water Aid’ approached and asked if he is upset about starving children in India having dirty water to play in, and he just nodded his head sagely. Then a slightly over-enthusiastic ‘Big Issue’ seller entered his personal space and he was able to hand over some change without breaking his stride. He just walked past the really loud drummer without feeling the need to grab him by the throat, shake him and ask what he’s doing with his life. He looked at the ‘Help For Heroes’ stall and didn’t ask them whether people fighting pointless wars for no obvious gain in places no-one has heard of really are heroes. Some Jehovah’s Witness were handing out leaflets explaining how God created the world and how He will lead us all to redemption, and not once did Fabio feel the need to articulate his long-held views on the Big Bang. Finally, he managed to avoid the guy with the clipboard with a beautiful, deft little shuffle. He was able to go into Boots with his head held high and he looked like he was actually enjoying walking around town. What a guy.’


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