Greek FA sue FIFA $2.4 billion for failed World Cup bid, asks for cheque payable to Christine Lagarde

The Greek Football Association will sue FIFA for billions of dollars for systematic failures, according to a local sports blogger, with the money being deposited straight into the World Bank and the European Central Bank.

‘They are claiming that in the 2010 World Cup Qualifying match between Greece and Romania, the referee incorrectly awarded a goal kick which the latest technology now shows should have been given as a corner. This, the FA state, robbed them of a clear goal scoring opportunity, so missing out on the opportunity to take a 2-1 lead in the crucial qualifier. Admittedly, they did actually finish second in the group and therefore made it to South Africa without any need of a play-off, but are suggesting that this lower position led to missed sponsorship opportunities of $3.8 billion. They also say that they discussed bidding for the 2018 World Cup in a joint claim with neighbouring Albania and Bulgaria. As shown by legal documents, it was item 6 on the Agenda at the 5th September 2009 weekly FA meeting, and was discussed for 7 minutes. During this time a number of biscuits were eaten and a flip chart was prepared (though not actually used). As it has now been suggested that the awards for the 2018 World Cup may have been rigged through the use of bribes and backhanders, the FA are now are asking for $2.4 billion in compensation from FIFA for the expense of this bid to be payable by Monday night at the latest. If they can’t get it by this time then they will settle for 250 drachma’s in a brown paper bag in the locker 2C in Larissa train station in Athens.’


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