Musicians gather at Glastonbury to watch young ladies in denim shorts

    Musicians, DJs, and rappers have been enjoying their yearly pilgrimage to a field outside Glastonbury to watch hundreds of young, attractive ladies in denim shorts. Kasabain, 4 friends who travelled down together from Leicester, told a local reporter how they were inspired to make the trip after last year’s coverage in the Daily Telegraph ‘Their front page featured Emily and Polly, 2 young ladies in denim shorts carrying a bag together, and I thought ‘wow, what a festival’. And they weren’t even headlining! That was, according to the Daily Mail’s front page, 4 attractive young ladies in denim shorts who were laughing while carrying rucksacks that were slightly too big for them.’ When asked if the notorious British weather has spoilt it for them, a grinning Tom said ‘Of course not, it means I get to see attractive young ladies in denim shorts wearing see-through ponchos by the Pyramid Stage, who were heavily featured in The Times.’